Institutional Distinctiveness

Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) is a co-ed constituent College of the University of Delhi, which was established in 1984. The college has completed its 36 years that charter all the phases of its growth and success. Each year of this period can be seen as a milestone in the history of this young institution. Since 1988 the college opened its doors to women students too. A special cell for Career Guidance has been functioning in the college. It has been successfully helping the students by providing valuable information about various career opportunities available to them. Apart from academic excellence, the college lays extra emphasis on the development of integrated and all-round development of the students. Discipline and sincerity are the hall marks of this institution. Our alumni are holding their positions in life - with responsibility, zeal and courage with conviction - vindicate our faith in the goals before us.

The college is ‘B+ Grade NAAC Accredited College’. The college has an active ‘Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC)’. The college has been successfully helping the students by providing them Career Opportunities. The college attempts to provide the needed resources to the students to succeed and to develop analytical and critical skills, in order to prepare them to become great leaders and formulate a better society.

In recent times one of the most distinctive attributes of our institution has been its conscious transformation and commitment to “Go Green”, to being an Eco-conscious, environment-friendly campus. Our Vision and Mission also add to our distinctiveness.


The objectives and tasks are based on ground realities of the college. "To create a new world of Truth, Power, Oneness, Peace, Contentment, Love, Knowledge for Development to discover the true individual self, universal self and transcendent self."


"To provide quality education of global standard without discriminating between rich and poor, race, region, religion, sex and keeping in mind the culture and tradition blended with modern technology for human development and co-existence."

Since its inception Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) has been diligently working to accomplish the following:-

  • To achieve good performance within limited resources.
  • To be creative in this fast changing environment and make an impact on quality of life.
  • To develop human resources of this institution as a work force of global standards.
  • To develop synergy by blending traditional values of Sri Aurobindo with modern technology ensuring a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

The college has ensured that its vision and mission is synchronized with the policy of higher education of the country i.e. higher education should take care of teaching, learning, research and extension activities through classroom lectures and project based studies. The foremost objective of the institution is to develop and nurture the young minds to make them highly skilled and efficient to cater to the needs for stronger and active participation in nation building.

The institution is involved in promoting the use of modern technology and information for a vibrant interface between teachers and students and in training them to face the emerging challenges of modern life driven by forces of globalization.

The college transforms and achieves its vision of statement through the following measures:

  • Student Orientation Programs and inculcating among the students the values as enshrined in Indian culture
  • Provision of experiential based knowledge.
  • Systematic Implementation of Course-Curriculum Semester wise.
  • Regular Monitoring and Evaluation of Teaching and performance of students.
  • Taking up different Social Service Programs through the visits of NSS Units of the college to different places.
  • Social and Community Awareness Programs conducted by different committees and societies of the College.
  • Scholarships and Fee concession to the meritorious and needy students.
  • Preference to the underprivileged students in admissions through reservation.