The X-Culture project is a large-scale experiential learning collaborative exercise initiated by the University of North Carolina, USA. Students from Sri Aurobindo College (Eve) have been associated with the project under the mentorship of Dr Sumati Varma since 2013. It is a matter of pride that we are the only college of Delhi university to be associated with this global educational initiative.

X-Culture was launched in 2010 by Dr. Vas Taras. It was visualised as a collaborative exercise between academia and industry across the world for teaching International Business. The Project has evolved as a unique global pedagogical exercise and is currently engaged with 66,466 students organised in 12,426 teams from 652 universities belonging to 102 countries. Every year students from Sri Aurobindo College (Eve) participate in the Project and work on real life business problems as a part of diverse multicultural teams. The Project is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in international virtual collaboration. Working in global virtual teams, the students develop business proposals for international companies as partners and provide detailed plans for implementing the idea. It helps them sharpen their business acumen and also helps to develop cultural intelligence and cross cultural skills.

The Project’s corporate partners include companies such as Plastic Revolutions, an American manufacturer of recycling equipment and operator of one of the country’s largest recycling plants; Sacona, an Indian manufacturer of 5D gaming machines and flight simulators; Unplag, a Ukrainian plagiarism detection software company; Odyseed, a Belgian manufacturer of indoor mini greenhouses, to name a few.

Project X Culture is a symbol of excellence and achievement, driving both the students and the faculty advisor to achieve greater heights every year.


Dr Sumati Varma, is the faculty advisor and mentor for this project. She has been a member of the X – Culture Executive Board from 2016 – 18 and for 2020 -21.

Dr Varma has been felicitated with the best instructor award in 2018 and 2020, for leading her students to become members of the top teams.

The best instructor awards are based on the following metrics

  • Class-average student diligence
  • Class-average report quality and plagiarism statistics
  • indicators of the instructors’ personal performance
  • class size and the level of study

Students of the college have been part of top X Culture teams over the years. Shubhika Singhal (2020) and Anjali Chaudhary (2019) were awarded for their outstanding contribution as members of top teams.

Student reports submitted at the project end are evaluated by 6-7 independent experts.Based on the expert evaluations, best teams will be awarded the X-Culture Best Team Awards.

Additionally, individual performance records and peer evaluations are used to select each season’s Best Student Award recipients